September 19, 2019

Campaign demands paid leave for workers experiencing violence

The BC Federation of Labour is calling on the BC Government to give workers experiencing domestic or sexual violence at least 10 days of paid leave. BC is one of the only provinces that doesn’t require employers to provide paid leave.

The online campaign comes in response to a public consultation initiated by the Ministry of Labour on the issue of paid leave.

“BC is failing workers experiencing domestic and sexual violence, especially women”, said Sussanne Skidmore, Secretary Treasurer of the BCFED. “The path forward for government is clear: workers deserve at least 10 days of paid leave.”

The online campaign can be found at: It allows BC residents to email the Minster of Labour, the Parliamentary Secretary for Gender Equity, their local MLA and the office undertaking the consultation.

“Right now, workers experiencing violence are being punished with lost pay. That’s unacceptable,” Skidmore added. “Catching up to other Provinces isn’t enough: British Columbians want government to lead.”

Media contact:
BCFED Secretary Treasurer, Sussanne Skidmore is available for comment.
Please contact: Jonathan Sas | Communications Director | | 604-861-4321

Additional resources:

  • Recent changes to employment standards provided unpaid leave for workers facing domestic or sexual violence.
  • Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics data shows sexual assault is the only violent crime on the rise in Canada and that Intimate Partner Violence disproportionately effects women and working age Canadians.
  • The government’s consultation survey an be accessed here: