Brothers & Sisters,

As many of you are now aware Greyhound recently made an announcement to make massive service cuts to Western Canada and we are asking for your support in signing on to the federal NDP’s petition calling for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take immediate action to save critically-needed bus routes.


Greyhound cancellations would not only create a massive gap in transit services but it would also leave many people stranded and communities isolated.


Canadians who rely on bus services as their sole means of transportation will be cut off from employment, health care and other critical public services, as well as education, and family.


This also poses a very grave risk to public safety, forcing many in remote and Indigenous communities to turn to less safe modes of transportation.


The government must ensure communities across Canada have access to basic transportation services and immediately act to develop a federal funding plan that will stop the cancellation of several crucial bus routes in BC, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Northwestern Ontario.


Please sign & Share:


NDP Greyhound Petition


And please share the petition as broadly as you can with your members and social media platforms.


In solidarity,


Executive Board

ATU 1722