General Meeting ATU 1722  November 8th, 2016


Executive Roll: Scott Lovell, Al Peressini, Darcy Ross, Eric Solland, Shane Curveon, Peter Lansing, Val Wolf


Called to Order: 19:30


Chair: Brother Peressini

Motion:  Brother Lovell                                 2nd: Brother Lansing

  • Suspend regular order of business until later due to presentation.
  • 14 Y 0N  –carried

Brother Lovell did presentation on three core issues with regards to contract.

  • Question and answer period was held afterwards to address any concerns of the membership.

Regular order of business commenced at 20:54

New members sworn in:

  • Gordon Carsen
  • Jay Wyman
  • John Ingram
  • Bill McLaughlin
  • Keith Seager

Reading of the previous minutes


Motion to accept as read: Sister Ross 2nd: Brother Silvestrone 4Y 1N    –carried

Errors and omissions:

  • None

 Business Arising:

  • None

 Financial Statement:

Motion to accept financials as read: Brother Silvestrone 2nd: Sister Ross Y N        –carried

Communications and Bills:

  • Bank Charges should be negotiated down to ‘0’.
  • Social Committee report received and read.

Reports of Officers:

Motion to accept Reports of officers as read: Brother Silvestrone 2nd: Brother Logullo 9Y 4N   –carried

 Business arising:

Motion of concurrence:

From Executive meeting (2016-F32)
Give Kid’s Christmas Party Committee $2850.00 (detailed receipts required) to put on the Kids Christmas Party.
9Y  4N

Motion (2016-G09): Brother Hebert  2nd:  Brother Solland

If we are on strike at the time of the parties, both parties (kid`s and adult) will be postponed.
14Y  0N

Unfinished business:

  • none

New Business:

  • none

Vote result on offer presented at beginning of meeting.

173/217 Ballots

Yes – 15   9%

No  – 157  91%

The offer as presented is rejected.


Adjournment: 21:52


Minutes respectfully submitted by: Brother Curveon